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Government announces plans to end rough sleeping for good by 2027

James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced the governments intention to halve the number of people sleeping rough in this Parliament and to end it for good by 2027.

 Mr Brokenshire said ‘The Strategy is based around three core pillars: Prevention, Intervention and Recovery.

Prevention, is at the heart of our approach, with the focus on providing timely support before someone becomes homeless. This, for example, will help us make sure no one leaves prison without suitable accommodation in place. The second pillar, Intervention, sets out how this Strategy will help people who are already in crisis get swift, targeted support to get them off the streets. The third, Recovery, emphasises how we will support people to find a new home quickly and rebuild their lives via a new rapid rehousing approach’.

We cannot underestimate just how vital having your own front door is to someone’s sense of security, hope and recovery. Equally important is knowing there is help on hand – through the new navigators that we are funding – to guide rough sleepers through support systems and get them the help they need’.

He continued ‘This vision builds on the significant programme of work that is already underway to address homelessness as a whole: the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act, more funding and support for local authorities to prevent homelessness and the launch of the Rough Sleeping Initiative. As such, it is backed by a detailed programme to help people in the short and long term and also by £1.2 billion of funding to tackle homelessness. This includes £100 million of investment over the next two years to tackle rough sleeping. In everything we do, we will be led by evidence of what works and will provide’.

The Rough Sleeping Strategy document can be found here