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Government Committee issues damning report on children’s services provision.

The Public Accounts Committee has published a report which gives strong criticism to the Government for its lack of progress in improving children’s social care.

The report claims that the children’s social care sector is currently unsustainable with 91% of councils reporting an overspend in 2017/18.

The Department of Education is looking to measurably improve the quality and cost effectiveness of children’s social care by 2022 but the report claims that to do so would ‘require a step-change in the Department’s understanding of pressures, the reduction of unnecessary variation between areas in their social care activities and the costs of providing them, and greater pace in its work with struggling local authorities'.

It goes on to urge the Department to ‘get to grips with its understanding of demand pressures if it is to make a compelling case for adequate resources in the anticipated spending review’.

It also highlights what it describes as ‘The disconnect between the Department for Education making policy and the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government allocating funding’.

Read the full report here