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Government launches a 4 week consultation period to gather evidence on the right approach for future Loneliness Strategies.

The government has opened a consultation period asking for organisations with expertise and experience in tackling loneliness to provide views on the Strategy framework that is now being developed. They are particularly interested in responses from people with specialist knowledge in the areas they are planning to focus on to help identify where there are opportunities for government action that could prevent constant loneliness.

Through work already undertaken, the government believes that the strategy should include a mix of policies that reduce the risk of loneliness across all groups in society, and others that focus on reducing the risk at specific trigger points for the following key groups highlighted by recent ONS analysis:

Young people; People in poor health; Carers; Unemployed people; and bereaved people.

It has indicated that it intends to learn from the impact that any policy changes may have and then use this learning to plan future action, both across society and for specific groups.

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