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Government pledges clampdown on off rolling and greater school accountability for exclusions.

Edward Timpson has published his review of school exclusion practice in England prompting the Government to commit to new measures in an attempt to reduce the practice.

The review, which highlights variation in exclusions practice across different schools, local authorities and certain groups of children makes 30 recommendations for change to ensure that school exclusions are used only as a last resort.

Analysis shows vulnerable groups of children are more likely to be excluded, with 78% of permanent exclusions issued to children who had special educational needs (SEN), or classified as in need or eligible for free school meals. Certain ethnic groups, such as Black Caribbean and Mixed White and Black Caribbean pupils, are also more greatly impacted experiencing higher rates of exclusion.

Timpson said ‘Throughout this review I have found too much variation in the use of exclusions and too many missed opportunities for children to remain in the education that best suits their needs.

We expect school leaders to make sure all children are getting a good education, but we must equip them with the skills and capacity to do so. We need to reward schools who are doing this well and hold to account those who are not’.

The Department for Education welcomed the review and agreed to all 30 recommendations in principle, committing to act to make sure no child misses out on a quality education.

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