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Government tells senior leaders in councils and schools to prioritise educational support for children in need

The Department for Education has released interim findings from it’s review into Improving the educational outcomes of Children in Need of help and protection.

The 32 page report concludes ‘Poor educational outcomes for Children in Need are not inevitable. We have seen this through the data, and it has been reinforced through all our discussions, including with children themselves. Agencies working with Children in Need, including schools and social care, can increase their focus on educational outcomes. This is not a change in direction, but an injection of aspiration; safety will always come first but is not an end goal.

And in a call to action the report goes on ‘We want senior leaders in local authorities to promote educational outcomes as an important part of the role of social care and multi-agency working, and as an important progress measure for Children in Need. We want school leaders to create a culture of high educational aspiration for Children in Need, and to be evaluating how this is being achieved, including through support that recognises the impact of children’s experiences’

The report ends by pledging further focus on bridging the gap between what is needed to improve outcomes for Children in Need and the current reality, including policy change. where the evidence shows this is what is needed. Additionally, there is a commitment to the building of more robust evidence of what interventions work to improve the educational outcomes of Children in Need.

Read the full report here