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Government urged to give councils extra power to monitor school exclusions to help tackle knife crime.

Parliamentary education committee chair, Robert Halfron, has called on the government to hand extra powers to councils to scrutinise school exclusions keeping children in mainstream education and away from falling into gang crime.

In a letter to Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, Halfron suggests local authorities do not have a sufficiently strong role to play in scrutinising schools’ approaches to exclusion and urges the Department to consider giving local authorities greater powers to monitor exclusions.

The letter also points to the clear correlation between school exclusions and knife crime and the important role education agencies have to play in addressing gang violence.

Halfron calls for early intervention by schools and better training to help teachers identify and address the issues associated with exclusions and knife crime whilst underlining the importance of providing high quality education to all children receiving alternate education provision.

Read the full letter here