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Head of ADCS calls for review of Head Teacher exclusion powers.

ADCS President, Rachel Dickinson has called for the government to review head teachers’ authority to exclude students.

Speaking at the National Children & Adult Services conference Dickinson said ‘“I strongly believe that the government’s education reforms have completely lost sight of inclusion. Let’s not forget that state-funded schools are community assets’.

She continued ‘The new school inspection framework is shining a light on the use of formal and informal exclusions and will hopefully help to turn the tide on rising exclusions…but I think it’s time to review head teachers’ powers to exclude pupils unchecked’.

Calling for a ‘school system that works for all pupils’ she also highlighted the need for schools to pull away from practices such as ‘off-rolling’, ‘strong arming’ parents to home educate and ‘engineering their intake before pupils even on roll’.

Read the full speech here