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Health visitor funding boost

Health visitor funding boost

Disadvantaged areas will receive additional funding to carry out their new public health responsibilities under proposals to make the system fairer.

Councils took on responsibility for the 0-5 Healthy Child Programme, which includes health visiting services and Family Nurse Partnership services for teenage mothers, at the start of this month.

Under plans to make the system fairer, the Department of Health’s Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA) has proposed a new funding system be adopted for 2016/17.

The new system will be based on:

  • the number of under-fives in the local authority area
  • levels of deprivation
  • estimated amount of travelling time for health visitors to get to appointments.

The consultation document states that resources for public health for under-fives are “targeted towards families with higher need and vulnerable first-time mothers”. 

The consultation runs until 6 November 2015, with an announcement being made by January 2016 at the latest.