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Home Office makes £22m available to help prevent and tackle serious violence.

The Home Office has doubled the amount of money available to Police and Crime Commissioners in an attempt to encourage young people away from violent crime.

Part of the Serious Violence Strategy published by the government in April, the Early Intervention Youth Fund opened for funding applications on the 30th June with the following key objectives:

  • To deliver services to support and prevent young people from getting involved in crime by supporting positive activities
  • To deliver positive outcomes for young people, focused on addressing risk factors which are linked to serious violence
  • To build on, and develop, our understanding of what works in practice for tacking these risks factors
  • To drive improved local, multi-agency partnership working; and most crucially
  • To reduce the levels of serious violence and crime

 The fund is open to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in England and Wales as lead bidders. PCCs must work with community safety partnerships (or local equivalent partnership) to bid for funding to support targeted early interventions and prevention activity.

 For more information and the full prospectus read here