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Incoming ADCS President calls for ‘long term national plan for Children and Young people’

New President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services has used her inaugural speech to call for a long term and aligned approach for support for children and young people.

Charlotte Ramsden, strategic director for people at Salford City Council, has called on the government to create ‘a plan which is ambitious and predicated upon a universal approach to enabling all children to achieve their potential, whilst retaining a focus on the poorest and the most vulnerable.’

She suggests ‘One way of doing this would be a commitment from the nine different central government departments each of which has some responsibility for some aspect of children’s policy, to stop ‘out-policying’ each other, join up their thinking and most importantly pool their financial resources.’

She continues ‘Please stop the waste of time and money that results from dangling disparate, small, time -limited pots of funding to tackle complex, multi-dimensional and entrenched social and cultural problems. Short term investment is not a sound basis for resourcing sustainable joined-up services.’

See the full speech here.