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Kent LCSB’s solution for recording child deaths adopted nationally.

A digital system developed by Kent Safeguarding Children’s Board has been rolled out across the country.

Prior to the launch of the eCDOP system in 2015, Kent operated an out dated and laborious manual system where data on child deaths was compiled from faxes, emails and post messages risking deaths being unrecorded for months and data being unprotected.

The new digital system is shared with all relevant partners with child death information being directly inputted quickly and securely then with easy access by authorised users 24/7 using computer, tablet or smartphone. The new system has proved particularly beneficial to police and health partners.

Based on Kent’s success, the system was adopted by 10 Child Death Overview Panel’s within 12 months followed by all 32 of London’s local authorities and then into most other areas nationwide.

Programme development officer, Sue Gower said "eCDOP is a unique and successful system that is now used by a majority of CDOPs nationally and which has underpinned the development of the UK's National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) - the first in the world," She added: "A local system has become a national solution."