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Knife crime crisis fuelled by cuts to youth services.

A report by the Youth Select Committee has called upon the Government to implement new strategies to cut violent crime.

The report titled ‘Our Generation’s Epidemic: Knife Crime’ was launched by members of the Committee at a special House of Commons reception in anticipation of a government response.

Echoing Interface's own views, the Committee calls upon the Government to:

  • Develop a plan with clear targets and deadlines aimed at tackling the injustices which make a young person more vulnerable to knife crime.
  • Develop long-term funding plans to develop effective ways of helping and reaching young people at risk of getting involved in knife crime.
  • Ensure that the views of young people and those with lived experience of knife crime is embedded into the Serious Violence Strategy.
  • Ensure school exclusion should be the last step in a long line of disciplinary measures, and schools should be held accountable for their exclusions.
  • Roll back the extension of stop and search powers until the disproportionate targeting of Black men has been addressed.
  • Clarify its position on short term custodial sentences for young people who carry knives and to consider whether there is another approach that could more effectively deter young people from continued involvement in knife crime.
  • Ensure the next version of the Serious Violence Strategy includes an increased focus on restorative justice and other informal criminal justice responses as a first step to a young persons involvement in knife crime.

Rachel Ojo, Chair of the Youth Select Committee, said: “The Youth Select Committee are concerned with the government’s increasingly punitive approach to tackling knife crime.

“If the government wishes to confront the fundamental causes of the rise in violent crime amongst young people, it must do more to address and improve the difficult circumstances many young people are facing.”

Read the full report here