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Latest analysis suggests significant increase in school off-rolling.

Ofsted has released new information suggesting that the number of schools suspected of off-rolling has increased by 13% in 12 months.

Writing in his blog, Ofsted's chief statistician Jason Bradbury, said latest analysis had identified around 340 schools that had exceptional levels of pupil movements for Years 10 to 11 for two years running, compared with around 300 the previous year.  Whilst, he says, ‘the increase in the number of schools with exceptional pupil movement does not necessarily mean that off-rolling is increasing. There may be legitimate reasons for the increase in pupil movement. The increases do warrant further consideration’.

The data is now being used by Ofsted to:

  • prioritise which schools they wish to inspect.
  • ask schools about exceptional levels of pupil movements in school inspections.
  • ask local areas about movements of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) as part of our local area SEND inspections.
  • talk to local authorities and multi-academy trusts about pupil movements in their area/in their schools, as part of our regular meetings.

Read the full blog here.