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YEF publishes guidance for schools on how to reduce children’s involvement in violence

The Youth Endowment Fund has released new guidance for schools’ colleges and alternative provision leaders on how to reduce children’s involvement in violence.

The report focuses on everyday practice in education settings drawing on the best available global evidence on how to prevent children’s involvement in violence, including the YEF Toolkit. It also uses results from primary research conducted, including evaluation of violence-prevention programmes and largescale surveys with 7,500 teenage children and 9,500 teachers.

The report proposes the following evidence-based recommendations to help prevent children’s involvement in violence:

1 – Keep children in education

2 – Provide children with trusted adults

3 – Develop children’s social and emotional skills

4 – Target efforts at the places and times where violence occurs

5 – Cautiously consider unproven strategies and avoid harmful approaches

See here for the full report

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Published on 7th June 2024