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LGA urges government to give councils the powers to enter premises to check on home educated child’s schooling.

The Local Government Agency (LGA) has warned that the government’s plans to introduce a register for home – educated children may fail unless councils are given powers to enter premises to check on schooling.

The LGA, which has long called for a home education register, has suggested that the government’s current proposals do not go far enough in protecting children and in making sure they receive high quality education. It has urged that a rethink is needed and proposes councils should be given the funding and powers to enter homes or premises where home-schooled children are being educated to ensure the education is to an appropriate standard.

Anntoinette Bramble, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Children and Young People Board, said:

“We know that most children get a good education at home and fully support parents' rights to home-educate their children. But there is a minority of cases where home-schooled children are not receiving a suitable education or being educated in a safe environment. Those children have got to be our priority.

“It is good the Government is introducing a register but this risks failing to protect children unless it goes further. It needs to toughen up its plans and give councils the powers and appropriate funding to enter homes or other premises to speak to children and check their schooling. 

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