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Making The Difference: Breaking the link between school exclusion and social exclusion

A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research - called Making the Difference - argues that teachers  should be provided with the skills needed to support pupils who have been or are in danger of exclusion. They believe that this could help thousands of vulnerable young people and save the state billions.

Nowhere is Britain’s social mobility failure more obvious than in the example of school exclusion in England.

Excluded children are the most vulnerable: twice as likely to be in the care of the state, four times more likely to have grown up in poverty, seven times more likely to have a special educational need and 10 times more likely to suffer recognised mental health problems. Yet our education system is profoundly ill-equipped to break a cycle of disadvantage for these young people.

A new programme should be established, committed to delivering the best in education to the most vulnerable children. Run by a dedicated education charity, leaders graduating from this new programme – The Difference – would be a catalyst for change throughout the education system.

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