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Mandatory training needed to address skills and knowledge gaps left by the disruption to social work education during pandemic

Research commissioned by Social Work England calls for mandatory CPD and enhancements to the assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) to counteract impact of Covid 19

The research found that the pandemic had significantly disrupted practice placements and posed significant challenges to students’ learning and wellbeing due to the shift to online working. The findings also noted concerns about remote placements and working more generally with practice educators expressing “great unease” about the preparedness for practice of students who completed placements online, because of the lack of contact with people with lived experience.

Chair of the British Association of Social Workers’ students group Jade Daniels, said: “It’s important that any learning gaps are addressed to ensure they don’t impact those who we work with negatively, but any action cannot carry any punitive measures because retention of the next generation of within the profession is vital as demand for services continue to increase.”

Read the full report here.