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MANIFESTO TO STRENGTHEN FAMILIES Policies for a Conservative Government to strengthen families

They are calling on the government to:

Create a Government focused on supporting families.

Appoint a Cabinet-level Minister to ensure family policies are prioritised and coordinated.

Ensure that in each department a senior Minister is responsible for delivering policies to strengthen families and for carrying out Family Impact Assessments.

Encourage every Local Authority to work with voluntary and private sector partners to deliver Family Hubs.

The Government should encourage and enable Councils to develop Family Hubs which co-locate superb early years health and other services with help for parents with children across the age ranges, and develop relationship support services for couples in distress or at risk of separation.

Promote the importance of active fatherhood in a child’s life.

To ensure fathers are involved as much as possible from day one, maternity services should review and improve their support for fathers. Legal changes mandating fathers to be named on birth certificates should be brought into force.

Remove financial disincentives for those on low incomes to form lasting couple relationships.

Boost the marriage allowance for lower income couples with children and enable those on Universal Credit and entitled to marriage allowance to receive it automatically. Reduce remaining couple penalties in Universal Credit.

Use childcare funding to support parenting.

Taking part in a weekly Stay and Play session with their two year old child should be a requirement of accepting free childcare provision where the parent is not in work.

Promote healthy relationships to tackle the country’s mental health crisis.

Ensure children and young people’s mental health services help families, offering couple counselling where this is needed. Any child experiencing domestic violence should be offered support.

Relationship education should promote a culture that supports stronger families.

Relationship education should promote the importance of commitment and go beyond the classroom with a Government-funded online platform targeted at enabling young people to develop good relationships.

Help prisons to put the role of families at the heart of efforts to reduce re-offending.

Family and other supportive relationships must be treated as indispensable to the success of the Government’s reforms which aim to make prisons safer and reduce re-offending.

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