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Mayor of London announces new approach to tackle serious violence

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has unveiled plans for a violence reduction unit which will be set up with £500,000 from City Hall and will expand on work under the mayor’s knife crime strategy.

The move seeks to replicate the success of a similar initiative in Glasgow, where a long-term public health approach to tackling serious violence has resulted in large reductions in violence.

It is separate from the mayor’s £45m young Londoners fund, which was set up to provide young people with alternatives to crime and to help those caught up in gangs to secure employment and training.

Khan said: “The causes of violent crime are extremely complex, involving deep-seated societal problems like poverty, social alienation, mental ill-health and a lack of opportunity.

The causes of violent crime are many years in the making and the solutions will take time. That’s why our new approach is focusing over the long-term. This unit is not a substitute for the investment our public services need if London is to significantly cut levels of violent crime.”