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Minister promises national register for youth workers

Nigel Huddleston, Minister for Sport, Tourism, Civil Society has outlined plans to create a National Youth Work Register.

Speaking at the National Youth Agency, Youth Work Summit, Huddleston said

“The Government is committed to supporting youth workers to develop the skills they need to best support all young people. We are supporting the National Youth Agency to maintain and improve a complete set of national youth work qualifications with a curriculum and workforce strategy, and provide an online non-accredited learning platform.

For the first time there will also be a National Youth Work Register to bolster the professional standing of youth work and give funders, young people and their parents the ability to know who is a qualified practitioner.”

Abbee McLatchie, NYA director of youth work, said: “After a long journey, we welcome the support from the DCMS with some initial funding to begin development of a Youth Work Register.

"We will work with the DCMS and our Register Steering Group partners to scope, shape and explore the parameters of this in the coming weeks, including robust safeguarding measures.

"Whilst this register will not confer a Licence to Practice, it will when fully formed give us far greater understanding of who is currently involved in the youth workforce from volunteers to degree qualified professionals. This will allow us to understand how best to continue to grow and support the workforce for the future.”