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More than a number: Scale of youth homelessness revealed

There is no accurate source of information on the scale of youth homelessness in the UK and so Centrepoint launched the Youth Homelessness Databank for 2016/17 – the biggest central source of data on youth homelessness in the UK.

The tool is a collection of data from local authorities, devolved authorities and central government. They estimate around 86,000 young people in the UK presented to their local authority as homeless or at risk in the UK in 2016/17.

Some key findings include:

  • ·     58 % of those asking for help don't receive a statutory housing duty or any prevention or relief support
  • the main reason young people find themselves in a housing crisis is because their families refuse to accommodate them.

Paul Noblet, head of public affairs at Centrepoint, said the findings expose the extent of youth homelessness in the UK saying that "Tens of thousands of young people are asking for help, with many denied proper housing assessments and in some cases their legal right to housing,"

See the full report here.