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National youth charity announces plans for £1.16m government grant.

UK Youth is hoping 80,000 young people will benefit from it’s share of Youth Accelerator grant funding.

The grant, which was announced by Nicky Morgan in January, will be used to expand existing sessions, activities and spaces for young people.

The charity has awarded grants of between £360 and £20,000 to help provide youth-focused work including sports clubs, counselling services, creative writing workshops and equipment for children with disabilities.

In total 1,469 applications for a total of £15m were received in a two-week window with more than half of the applications coming from smaller organisations with less than £250,000 turnover.

Ndidi Okezie, UK Youth’s chief executive officer, said “It’s incredible and overwhelming that over £1m has gone out to the UK youth movement supporting so many positive activities for young people. We’re delighted at the response, especially as the vast majority came from small organisations. This motivates us to continue to champion further investment into youth services, and we will keep striving to influence more funding, reaching the organisations that need it most.”