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Network Map of children’s services names the most influential organisations and individual actors in the sector

New research has produced an interactive network map which plots a map of connections across the sector and names the most influential people and organisations

The research, undertaken by a group of academics working in the UK was prompted by a  recognition that there are a lot of connections between government, private and charity organisations, with many of the same individuals moving between these roles that are not always fully recognised or understood.

The project collated over 1,000 publicly documented connections between policymakers; public, private and third sector organisations; individuals; and other actors between 7th May 2021 and the 1st November 2021, drawing them into a single network map.

The resultant map identifies Teach First and Frontline as the most influential non-governmental organisations and Josh MacAlister and James Darley as the best connected and most influential individuals.

See the map and read more here.