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New Children’s Commissioner outlines focus of education catch up plan

The new Children’s Commissioner for England has announced that the government’s education catch-up plan will balance pupils’ wellbeing with lost learning.

In her first week as England’s new Children’s Commissioner, Rachel De Souza has announced that she has had an early meeting with the education catch up tsar, Kevan Collins to discuss the government’s focus as children return to school this week.

In her second message since taking up the role she writes “I’m pleased his focus will be as much on helping to boost children’s wellbeing and catching-up on their social experiences as it will be helping them to catch-up with their learning. Giving children opportunities to rediscover play, sport, clubs and activities and spending time with their friends should be one of the foundations of helping them to get back on track.”

She goes on to comment “I’m in no doubt that the experiences of this last year will have changed our children. It’s our job to make sure it changes them for the better. They should leave this pandemic with the knowledge they were able to weather the trickiest of storms, and that we are there to help them through the next stage. That should give them great confidence for the future.”