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New report calls for extension of free school meals to 1.5m more children

A major new report by the National Food Strategy has suggested that an additional 1.5m children should benefit from free school meals in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis.

Henry Dimbleby, author of the first part of the new government commissioned National Food Strategy, warns of the struggle many families will have to feed themselves and their children properly post lockdown.

Dimbleby writes “Eating well in childhood is the very foundation stone of equality of opportunity. It is essential for both physical and mental growth. A poorly nourished child will struggle to concentrate at school. An obese child is extremely likely to become an obese adult, with the lifetime of health problems that entails…  In the post-lockdown recession, many more families will struggle to feed themselves adequately. A Government that is serious about “levelling up” must ensure that all children get the nutrition they need”.

He also comments on current negotiations of the UK’s new trade deals calling on the Government to “protect the high environmental and animal welfare standards of which our country is justly proud. and have the confidence to subject any prospective deals to independent scrutiny”

Read the full report here.