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New report gives more evidence of widening health equalities in England and reducing life expectancy

The Institute of Health Equity has published a study examining the progress made in addressing health inequalities in England since the publication of the Marmot report in 2010.

The report, Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 years on, reviews developments since the publication of the landmark Marmot Review; Fair Society. Healthy Lives in February 2010 which highlighted the need for action across the social determinants of health and called for progress to be made on a clear set of policy objectives.

Rather than evidencing progress, the new report shows that life expectancy is stalling, after steady increases for the past 100 years, and health inequalities are widening.

The report, which was commissioned by the Health Foundation, highlights:

  • People can expect to spend more of their lives in poor health
  • Improvements to life expectancy have stalled, and declined for the poorest 10% of women
  • The health gap has grown between wealthy and deprived areas
  • Place matters – living in a deprived area of the North East is worse for your health than living in a similarly deprived area in London, to the extent that life expectancy is nearly five years less.

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