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New report on children’s learning experiences during the lockdown published

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has released a report highlighting the negative impact school closures are having, particularly on poorer pupils.

The study highlights several key findings including:

  • Children from better-off families are spending 30% more time on home learning than are those from poorer families.
  • Higher-income parents are much more likely than the less well-off to report that their child’s school provides online classes and access to online video conferencing with teachers.
  • Better-off students having access to more resources for home learning.
  • School closures are almost certain to increase educational inequalities.

With the row regarding the reopening of schools on June 1st deepening, the report suggests that whatever strategy the government now pursues, risks inequalities increasing still further.

Whilst fewer than half of parents say they would send their child back to school if they had the choice, higher-income parents report being more willing for their child to return risking a situation where the children struggling the most to cope with home learning remain at home while their better-off classmates are back in the classroom.

See the full report here