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New report reviews the poor state of children’s physical health during the pandemic period

The Children’s Alliance has released a report setting out a practical plan for action by Government to reverse what is seen as a serious decline in the health and wellbeing of our children.

The Physical Health of Children and Young People report is a comprehensive study of children’s physical health during the time of Covid-19 and feature the work of 37 nationally renowned specialists in children’s health.

The report puts forward a number of proposals for change including:

  • The full integration of preconception health strategy into primary healthcare
  • A ‘family first’ as opposed to ‘children’s diet’ approach to be advocated by health and childcare professionals
  • Re-positioning strategy to promote and encourage lifelong physical activity
  • A review and re-setting of the benefits system, enabling swift and appropriate responses to food insecurity
  • A National Play Strategy for England with play included in Ofsted Inspection

Honorary President of the Children’s Alliance, Baroness Frances D’Souza said ‘Without effective co-ordinated measures led by Government, we run the risk that the next generation of UK adults will be the least healthy in living memory.’  She called upon ministers to bring in “effective co-ordinated measures” to improve children’s health rather than “yet more ineffective measures narrowly focused on ‘fighting the flab’ by calorie counting and step counting.”

Read the full report here