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New report suggests modern life continues to erode child happiness

A study by the Children’s Society suggests society is tragically failing our young people.

The Society’s tenth annual Good Childhood report has found that 7% of 10 to 15 year olds in the UK are unhappy with their lives equating to an estimated 306,000 children. Ten years ago the estimated number was 173,000 suggesting a significant decrease in children’s happiness.

Other key findings include:

-          Roughly ¼ million children did not cope well with changes during the pandemic

 -          Young people are particularly unhappy about school and appearance

The report says “Our well-being growing up can have a serious impact on future mental health. We found that children who are not happy with their lives at 14 are more likely than others to have symptoms of mental health issues by the time they are 17. Worryingly, this includes instances of self-harm and suicide attempts. We cannot let this be the norm.  We must overhaul daily life and build a society for all children”.

Read the full report here.