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New research highlights pandemics potential long term of damage to children’s mental health

Mental health charity Young Minds has released findings of a new study which suggests two thirds of parents and carers fear the Covid 19 crisis will have long term consequences on the metal health of some young people.

Furthermore, the survey of 1,854 parents and carers, carried out between 9 April and 10 May also revealed the level of concern increased to 77 per cent among parents whose children had required mental health support in the previous three months.

Effects reported included increased anxiety and depression, difficulties in coping with a lack of structure and routine, increased difficulties in sleep patterns and increased attachment to parents or carers.

The charity has now launched a campaign to urge the government to take action to ensure all young people are able get the help they need as we emerge from the pandemic.

Emma Thomas, the charity’s chief executive, commented

“Many young people are finding it hard to cope with isolation, a loss of routine, anxiety about the future, a disruption to their education, and in some cases difficult or traumatic experiences at home.

“The government needs to take action, to make sure that support is available for young people and families who need it, now and as we emerge from the pandemic,”.

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