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New research shows 1 in 10 home schooled children are known to Social Services

A survey by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services indicates a significant percentage of children schooled at home are known to children’s social services.

The results of survey are based on responses received from 106 councils and show:-

11% of children schooled at home are either currently or historically known to children’s social care

An additional 18% are known to wider children’s services

With the number of children being home schooled estimated to have increased by 54% since 2016 to over 57,000 the ADCS is keen for councils to have stronger powers of intervention when they believe the quality of the home schooling to be inadequate. Whilst School Attendance Orders (SAO’s) can be used to require a child to return to school the ADCS suggests these are weak and need to be strengthened.

 The full report can be found here