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New research suggests all police should receive training on ACEs / Trauma and SEND to help them deal with violent or aggressive children.

Children’s Emotional Language and Thinking have published a report giving recommendations on how the police could most effectively deal with Childhood Challenging Violent or Aggressive Behaviour (CCVAB).

The study, which was conducting alongside Northumbria Police, reviewed 515 CCVAB incidents between March 2019 to January 2020. The review found that the majority of incidents (65%) involved male children with 340 of the 515 cases involving children in the 12-15 age group.  226 children involved were already known to the force.

Having reviewed the outcomes from each case the research team have proposed the following key recommendations for change:

The provision of basic training for all officers at all levels in ACEs / Neurodevelopment and Trauma and SEND.

To appoint a designated named officer to focus on CCVAB incidents in specific police operational areas.

To have an agreed definition of the terms ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Challenging’ behaviour.

To determine a risk assessment protocol to determine safeguarding risk

See the full report here

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