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New research suggests councils could save £7bn by adopting new early intervention strategies

The new study shows how long-term savings could be achieved through the adoption of strategies that focus on early intervention policies targeting vulnerable families

The Lives Transformed, Potential Fulfilled report published by care provider Serenity Welfare argues that mindsets to vulnerable children and young people in the care system need to change and that savings of £7bn in the next 10 years could be achieved through the introduction of more effective early intervention policies which would avert damaging outcomes for children in later life.

The research also raises concerns around cuts to early help over the past decade citing evidence that investment in Sure Start children’s centres and youth services have been cut by 60 per cent in real terms between 2009/10 and 2016/17.

Emily Aklan, Serenity Welfare chief executive said: “There really is no excuse not to invest in these vulnerable young people. This investment is, quite simply, the right thing to do to help the children in our society who are in most need of support; but we’ve now shown that there is a cost saving to be made to the taxpayer as well.”

Read the full report here.