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New study announced to track progress of children after the pandemic

The major study will follow 12,000 Year 11 students and assess how the pandemic has impacted education, careers and wellbeing.

The research will be led by the University College London Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities and the Sutton Trust and will follow the children over, at least, the next two years with a view to an extension into their adult lives.

It will ask the children about their experiences of the pandemic, as well as their future hopes and plans, and then follow them through the rest of their education and into the workplace. The study is said to be the largest of its kind into the effects of COVID-19 on the life chances of a generation of young people.

Fieldwork will begin in autumn 2021, surveying both the young people and their parents and schools.

The first findings from the study will be published in early 2022, with data from the study made available as a resource for researchers in the UK and worldwide.

Read more about the research here