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Number of schools employing mental health counsellors increases significantly.

A new study has found that the number of schools in England employing mental health counsellors has nearly doubled since 2016.

The survey, undertaken by the education union NAHT and mental health charity Place2Be shows that whilst 36% of schools in England provided school-based support for students’ emotional and mental wellbeing in 2016, this number had almost doubled to 66% just 3 years later.

The survey shows an improved understanding and recognition of children’s mental health in schools. 74% of school leaders said the majority of their staff are confident at recognising the signs of mental health problems among children and young people (versus 61 per cent in 2017).

School leaders also said the majority of their staff would be confident understanding the issues that may underlie children’s and young people’s behaviour (74% in 2019 compared to 68% in 2017) and understanding how children and young people’s mental health impacts on their engagement with learning (81% compared to 77%).

Catherine Roche, Chief Executive at Place2B said “Three children in every classroom now has a mental health issue, so it is positive to see these results which show that more school leaders are responding to this need by providing professional support for children and young people within school”.

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