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Ofsted launches consultation on the Education Inspection Framework for 2019.

Ofsted has published its draft education framework for the coming period setting out how it proposes to inspect schools, further education and skills provision and registered early years settings.

The consultation signals a significant departure from the assessment focus of the past and comments:

‘Our aim is to bring the inspection conversation back to the substance of education and training to treat providers as experts in their field and not as data managers, so that inspection complements rather than intensifies a focus on achievement and progress measures.

To this end, it is proposed that the new framework will no longer include the standalone ‘outcomes’ judgement. When reaching the quality of education judgement, inspectors will continue to consider the outcomes that learners achieve, using valid, nationally collected, data. However, inspectors will focus on what is taught and how, and will draw the outcomes that learners achieve into that education-focused, rather than data-focused, conversation.’

The consultation is open until 5th April 2019. Full details can be found  here