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Ofsted publishes new 5 year strategy to improve lives by raising standards in education and children’s social care

Ofsted has set out its 5 year plan to boost focus on early years improvement

The new strategy sets out how Ofsted will continue its work to improve the lives of children and young people, which is seen as being more important than ever following the disruption and distress of the past 2 years.

The strategy centres on the fundamental principle that Ofsted will be a force for improvement through the intelligent, responsible and focused use of inspection, regulation and insights. It sets out the strategic priorities for Ofsted over the next 5 years, which include a stronger focus on the inspectorate’s work in the early years and ensuring children get the best start in life.

The strategy commits Ofsted to helping make sure every child’s earliest experience of education is as good as it can be. It states that Ofsted will use research and insight to support young children’s physical, social and wider development, increase training for the inspection workforce and promote a better understanding of early education and care in support of positive change.

 Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, said:

“Our strategy for the next 5 years takes account of the impact of the pandemic and raises still further our ambitions for children and learners. Ofsted’s mantra of ‘raising standards, improving lives’ has never been more important.

If the past 2 years have taught us anything then perhaps it is how resilient people can be, not least the youngest in our society whose start in life has been challenged in a way we’ve never seen before.

We recognise the outstanding work early years providers have done to help children recover what they missed, and this strategy aims to increase our support for a workforce that is so deeply devoted to what it does.

Whether it is through developing specialist training for our inspection workforce or through sharing our own insights, we will do everything in our power to help every child gain the best start in life”.

Read the full strategy here.