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Ofsted to recruit frontline staff to conduct children’s services inspections

Ofsted is launching a drive to recruit serving frontline staff to carry out inspections of children’s services departments on its behalf, the watchdog’s director of social care has said.

Eleanor Schooling said Ofsted has previously attempted to bolster its inspection teams by recruiting from local authorities, but with little success. She said the inspectorate will seek to be more flexible in order to attract frontline experts in specific areas.

“Having more serving practitioners is something I feel very strongly about. We need to be making it easier for everybody. I have to say that we haven’t done that so far and that’s one of the reasons that there are not nearly enough practitioners among our colleagues at Ofsted."

Schooling said she wants to develop a new programme that will support people who want to come to assist with just one or two inspections, because a previous recruitment programme was unsuccessful.