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One in three councils are still to decide how they will replace local safeguarding children boards (LSCBs) with new arrangements for multi-agency working

The government is to introduce a new statutory framework that will remove the requirement for councils to have LSCBs but instead require local authorities, the police and the health service to make arrangements for working together on child protection in their local area.

A survey carried out by Department for Education of senior local authority leaders found that 34% of areas had not considered the implications, or started formulating plans yet.

Some [local authorities] said that the current arrangements worked well and that they were looking to minimise the impact of the new [legislation], or that they had no plans to change current arrangements. Others felt that the main challenge will be to establish new partnerships, or to change the nature of existing partnerships to allow more flexibility. Some also mentioned that they were concerned about reduced resources meaning that some partners will be less engaged.