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Open Training: A Sound Investment for your Workforce

Working Effectively with Complex Families

Birmingham, 21-22 September 2015

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Practical and “hands on” programme
  • The focus is on skills and strategy development, backed up by an understanding of why approaches work.  It will produce more confident and competent practitioners who are able to deliver positive and effective support to individuals and families
  • This course will suit a range of practitioners including those working as part of a team around a family, or those holding a lead role in working with families.

"I have had a lot of training over the last year to prepare me for a different way of working with families but Interface trainers are the only ones who really ‘got it’. It’s the best training I have ever had."


Effective Supervision

  • Norwich, 28-29 September 2015
  • Birmingham & Newcastle, 19-20 October 2015
  • London, 23-24 November 2015

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify risks in cases, manage worker stress and reflective practice
  • Address worker competence and gaps in learning
  • The course develops managers who feel able to address issues and support workers to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families


Recognising and Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Birmingham, 8 October 2015

Key Learning Outcomes

  • This course will both challenge and enlighten and will leave practitioners feeling empowered to carry out the necessary actions to prevent and protect children and young people from this abuse
  • Be able to identify children / young people at risk of CSE using “vulnerabilities” and “indicators” identified through best practice
  • Assess children and young people at risk using local and national risk assessment tools
  • Identify the children who are most at risk and utilise local procedures to inform future actions.
  • State what interventions are appropriate for protecting children at risk
  • Use Government guidance, legislation and local and national learning relevant to CSE to inform future work
  • Have an awareness of local and national agencies

Don't worry if none of the above applies to you - we have a range of other skills training available - feel welcome to browse our website for something which will suit your training needs.

Interface are trusted by…

It was very comprehensive. The course was adapted as it progressed. The trainer great at thinking on her feet and amending course content.

Learner on Staff Support and Supervision Course

I am confident that I will be more effective towards engaging with families and young people.

Learner on Effective Engagement and Communication with Families course

Has given me a better understanding and knowledge to take on this role.

Learner on Chairing Team around the Family meetings course

I will put it all into practice and be much more aware of tools provided to assist families and also be much more aware of how I practice.

Learner on Motivational Interviewing course

I would encourage all of my colleagues to attend this training. Excellent tutor with great knowledge base. Very informative with an ability to captivate an audience - excellent.

Learner on Common Mental Health Issues and their Impact on Families

Very beneficial and interesting. Clear training. Essential. I will note risk appropriately to self and family and constantly update risk assessment to enable me to maintain awareness of change with family circumstances.

Learner on Risk Assessments course

Fantastic case studies, excellent!!! About the trainers – I loved the use of their own examples encountered through their own work.

Learner on Intensive Family Support and the Role of the Key Worker course

Really beneficial doing relevant activities – makes it real and good to talk about. Perfectly executed through the day it was Interesting and eye opening - made me think.

Learner on Whole family Assessments course (Oxfordshire)

Clare was very knowledgeable and excellent deliverer of the subject and I feel Clare was excellent in regards to ensuring I understood the material.

Learner on the Think Family course (London)