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Parliamentary Education Committee calls for a ten-year plan for education funding.

The Education Committee has published a new report urging the government to commit to a new structured education plan including a multi-billion pound funding increase for education. 

The report highlights the need for a clear long term plan and calls for the Department of Education to engage in a ‘frank conversation’ about what the education sector can and should deliver; develop a coherent vision of what it wants to achieve; and publish detailed bottom-up cost assessments in order to secure an adequate funding settlement from the Treasury.

Specific recommendations include the need to:

  • urgently address underfunding in further education by increasing the base rate from £4,000 to at least £4,760.
  • increase school funding by raising the age-weighted pupil unit value.
  • increase high needs funding for special educational needs and disabilities to address a projected deficit of at least £1.2 billion.
  • implement the full roll-out of the National Funding Formula as soon as feasible
  • develop an official statistics publication for school and college funding to provide greater clarity on the data and trends.
  • grant Ofsted the powers to conduct inspections at MAT level and require MATs to publish more detailed data on their financing structures.
  • ensure all eligible students attract Pupil Premium and overcome existing barriers to automatic enrolment as a matter of priority.
  • secure from the Treasury the full amount of estimated Pupil Premium money that has not been claimed because students did not register for free school meals, and allocate this money to disadvantaged children.
  • extend Pupil Premium to provide for 16–19 year olds; and
  • set out the timetable for providing apprenticeship transport subsidies, as per the Government’s manifesto commitments. 

Read the full report here.