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Placing vulnerable children into boarding schools is found to reduce the number of children in care

Norfolk County Council has released data gathered over the last 10 years indicating positive benefits of placing children in care into boarding schools.

The research, conducted by the Boarding Schools Partnership and validated by the UCL Institute of Education, found that 71pc of Norfolk-funded boarders showed a reduced level of risk, while 63pc moved off the risk register completely.

 It also indicated improved exam results, plus financial savings for the council - while it spends an average of £56,200 on children in their care, the boarding school fees ranged from £11,000 a year to £35,000.

Penny Carpenter, chairman of the council’s children’s services committee, said: “Our work with boarding schools has helped to keep children safe, supported their education and helped build resilience in families so that children can return home.

“We know that the partnership has reduced levels of risk for children, helped them to achieve qualifications and prevented family break-down.

“It’s a scheme that has had a really positive impact on children and young people, giving them a sense of community, helping them to thrive and building their confidence.”