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Plans being considered to centralise children’s services in Scotland

The Scottish Government is launching a consultation on proposals to launch a new National Care Service that would see the centralisation of children’s services.

Whilst it was initially envisaged that the National Care Service (NCS) would only take control of adult social care the Scottish Government now wants to broaden its responsibilities to include social work, children’s services, community justice and alcohol and drug services. Under the proposals the responsibility for provision would switch from local areas to the NCS, delivered through Community Health and Social Care Boards.

A consultation document has been issued to start discussion and debate about what changes should be made to achieve better outcomes for people. The document seeks ‘the views of as many people as possible to shape a better future - including users of social care services, members of the workforce and members of the public, carers, and potential future users of services, which includes everyone’. The government will also seek to engage with people, both online and in person where possible, to ensure that as many people as possible are able to have their say.

Further details including information on how to respond to the consultation can be found here