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Prime Minister urged to introduce a national ban on off rolling to help tackle youth crime.

The Mayor of London has joined with a number of PCC’s across the UK to propose action to give local authorities control over school exclusions.

With the number of exclusions in England showing an increase of 56% in the three years to 2016/17 there are increasing concerns that off rolled children are at greater risk of being ‘sucked into criminality’.

It is argued that the issue is made worse by a lack of coordination between schools and other key agencies such as health and social services.

The letter states

‘Clearly, the way the education system deals with excluded young people is broken.

"It cannot be right that so many of those who have committed offences have been excluded from school or were outside of mainstream education.

"That is why the time has come to act urgently. In the first instance, local authorities need powers and responsibilities over all school exclusions.

“Our schools are facing significant funding pressures and many interventions for our most vulnerable children are being cut, this cannot be right and schools must have the necessary resources to deliver good interventions and support to those at risk of exclusion."