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Report highlights concerns over the governance of school academies

A report has highlighted the need for the Department for Education to tighten its governance of school academy trusts to prevent misuse of public money and future damage to children’s education.

The report, by a cross party group of MP’s, has identified that academy trusts are not being held accountable by the DfE when failings are identified.

Other failings noted included:

  • Academy trusts not making enough information available to help parents and local communities understand what is happening in individual academy schools.
  • The Department not adequately meeting the needs of users in presenting financial information about academy trusts.
  • The ESFA not being sufficiently transparent about the results of inquiries into concerns about the financial management and governance of academy trusts
  • Where there have been serious failings at academy trusts the Department not having an effective regime to sanction the academy trustees and leaders who were responsible

The report lays down a number of recommendations for the Department to consider.

 Read here for further details