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Report highlights the need for improved support for the wider children’s workforce.

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has published a paper calling for an increased focus on resourcing for the wider children’s workforce.

The report highlights that children and family support can only be effective with a well-resourced wider workforce including youth workers, health visitors, school support staff and others and calls on government to provide adequate funding and focus to develop a strong and functioning workforce to build a country that works for all children.

The paper calls on the government to acknowledge that the current structure of children’s services at national level is hindering joined up working across children and family support services going on to recommend that a national child, young people and families workforce lead should be appointed to oversee the development of a coherent workforce strategy.

The paper argues that this strategy should address capacity issues, ensure that adequate and up to date training is readily available for the entire children’s workforce and be overseen by a working group consisting of representatives from all relevant government departments, and other sector representatives, including ADCS.

Read the full report here