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Rollout of new early help initiatives not expected to significantly change the number of teenagers being referred to children’s services

The Education Select Committee has been warned that current early help service initiatives, including Family Hubs, will not prevent the rise in the number of older children entering care.

The warning was made by Ofsted’s national director of social care, Yvette Stanley who suggested that such young people and their families need “targeted” and “intensive” support including the creation of specialist foster care placements and children’s homes.

Stanley said “I’m a passionate believer in the family hubs but these families are not going to be greatly impacted, it’s about crisis support, it’s often about intensive mental health services which are really poor for children in this country.

“Very specific services and very intense intervention is needed to support not only stepping up (into care) but to support stepping down safely to families. These are families that are likely to need some enduring support to enable them to keep their children safely.”