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School Budget findings – the Sutton trust


  • Almost a third (30%) of heads say the funding they get for poorer pupils is being used to plug gaps in their school’s budget.
  • Almost two-thirds (65%) of the secondary school heads polled said that their school had cut back on teaching staff to save money. Four-fifths (80%) said they had cut back on either teaching staff or teaching assistants and 50% said they had cut both.
  • Schools with more disadvantaged intakes were more likely to report cuts to staff too. Teachers in London and the North East were most likely to report staff cuts and pupil premium funding being used to plug gaps.
  • In terms of priorities for pupil premium funding, most teachers cited early intervention schemes (27%), followed by one-to-one tuition (12%) and teaching assistants (12%). However almost a fifth (17%) said they didn’t know what their school’s main priority was.
  • 72% of secondary senior leaders said they had considered research evidence on the impact of different approaches and programmes; while six out of ten said they had used the Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit too.

 See the full report here.