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Serious Crime Taskforce to be created

Amber Rudd (the then Home Secretary) will pass over a new Serious Violence Taskforce which will bring together the voluntary sector, local government, police and other key sectors to ensure the serious violence strategy is delivered effectively. See the strategy here.

This is part of the government’s response to concerns about escalating levels of violence.

"This strategy represents a real step-change in the way we think about and respond to these personal tragedies, these gruesome violent crimes which dominate the front pages of our newspapers with seemingly depressing regularity. A crucial part of our approach will be focusing on and investing more in prevention and early intervention.

We need to engage with our young people early and to provide the incentives and credible alternatives that will prevent them from being drawn into crime in the first place. This in my view is the best long-term solution.

Because what better way to stop knife crime than by stopping young people from picking up knives in the first place?"


£40m will be provided by the Home Office over the next two years to tackle the issue.