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Significant improvement in Croydon's Children’s Services recognised by OFSTED.

Having rated the service as ‘inadequate’ just three years ago OFSTED have reported dramatic improvements elevating Croydon's assessment now to ‘good’.

Following a two week review in February, OFSTED notes a ‘transformation’ in Services for children and their families since the previous review as a result of ‘strong corporate and political support, substantial investment, and the appointment of highly experienced senior managers’.

The report concludes that ‘Services for children in need of help and protection are now good, and services for children in care and care leavers are improving well. Senior managers have ensured that they are well informed about the quality of services through performance management information and directly engaging with frontline staff.’

The report also notes that senior managers are ‘fully aware of the areas that still require improvement and demonstrate a relentless determination to deliver high-quality services to all children in Croydon’.

Senior management is also praised for creating an ‘environment in which staff feel valued and enjoy working in the borough.’

Read the OFSTED report here.